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January 12
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THANK YOU EVERYONE! For helping me reach 200K Page Views.
I made this as a personal project for fan appreciation. This idea came from my wife actually. I wanted to make something to commemorate me reaching the 200k milestone but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I kept overthinking it and making up ideas that seemed overly complicated to pull off. My wife suggested this idea and at first it seemed simple enough so I went with it. Man was I wrong..... This is definitely the most difficult animation I have done. I spent a few days just figuring out how I was going to wrap a towel around my characters. I tried three different methods before I finally got it right. That was more difficult than it needed to be. I wanted to do some experimentation with this one so I tried a lot of new things and I went a little crazy with render passes. I was rendering for over a week. 

VFX Breakdown:
200K: VFX Breakdown by grico316 

Project duration: 35 days
Total Render Time: 165 hours
Render Passes: 14
Dimensions: 1280 x 720
# of Files: 18,214 .PNG's
File Size: 8.43GB

Software Used:
Made with 3ds Max 2014
Characters sculpted in Zbrush 4r6
Towel wrap sim'd in Marvelous Designer 3
Render Passes in Vray
Textures made/edited in Adobe Photoshop
Textures generated in Filter Forge
Sound FX edited in Adobe Audition
Post-Production in Adobe After Effects
Sound track made in Adobe Premier
Presented with Adobe Flash
Sound FX gathered from
Music and Stock Effects from Designer Sound FX Action Essentials 2 at
Inspiration from
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The sheer amount of win is incredible. Nicely done and congrats on 200K page views I love deviantART! 
Excelent, Congratulation!!
MasterToymaker Jan 22, 2014  Professional Artist
Congratulations, sir.
LOVE THAT! Nice babes!
HolyNiwa Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Very interesting and well executed!
The tapping of the dark skin girl's boobs well done!
Something that caught my eye was that the girl with the blue towel, seemed to "float" for a bit. Right before she gets on
the bench, the movements don't really express any weight and it looks very awkward. You really wouldn't notice it unless
you focus in on it, but it caught my attention and I figured I should give some feedback for such an amazing animation. 
you are a God of animation!! Idea - excellent! Animation- excellent! I admired your works !   make more pls
pretty cool!
goob* that was amazing great job, best thing i ever saw, sexyyy loved it - keep up great work :) goob*
cyntor Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was fantastic!
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